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  • Gilded Horse
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Product Information:

This is a work of art, especially suitable for your internal space, such as study room, living room, etc., can fully show your unique taste and make your life better.


Handmade ceramic sculptures.

Ambient color, color and shape perfectly match.

Its shape is exaggerated and full of vitality, with a solid and stable foundation.

Suitable for all kinds of indoor room decoration, such as study room, living room, etc.

product description:

Material: Ceramic Craft: Handmade

Size: 27 * 24CM

Color gold

Packing List:

Product x1



Transform your living room wine cabinet into a captivating focal point by incorporating stylish decorations that enhance its aesthetic appeal and showcase your wine collection. Start by arranging elegant wine glasses, decanters, and wine accessories on the cabinet’s shelves or countertop, creating an inviting display that evokes sophistication and refinement. Introduce decorative elements such as faux vines, wine-themed artwork, or framed vintage wine labels to add visual interest and complement the cabinet’s theme. Consider installing LED strip lighting inside the cabinet to illuminate your collection and create a warm ambiance. To personalize the space further, incorporate wine-related decor accents like cork cages, grapevine wreaths, or rustic wooden crates for storing additional bottles. With thoughtful decorations and attention to detail, your living room wine cabinet can become a captivating focal point that elevates the ambiance of your home and delights guests during gatherings and wine-tasting events.

Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 290 × 260 × 100 cm

Gilded Horse

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