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Woody Aromas: Drench yourself in the rough charm of our woody aromas. Notes of cedarwood and sandalwood deliver a picture of ageless solace, ideal for the one who remains with certainty and moves with effortlessness.

Oriental Polish: Enclose yourself with the secret of oriental scents with a hot connotation that discusses the experience. Features of golden and cardamom summon warmth and an extraordinary interest, denoting each experience as remarkable.

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New Aquatics: Our new scents are a sign of approval for the one who revels in the fresh breezes of opportunity. A sea-going ensemble with notes like sea breeze and lavender recommend a vivacious flexibility.

Fougère Works of art: A recognition for the unshakeable mainstays of custom, our Fougère choices mix lavender with gritty oakmoss. A tribute to its profound roots, this group of fragrances is the embodiment of a resolute person.

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