LED Night Light Projector Lamp Colorful Star Light (Random Color)


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Projects a map of the colorful stars onto your ceiling and walls with this new starlight projector This creates a larger, more Brilliant light show for your viewing entertainment. This is the greatest upgrade anybody could add to their Star Light Show. Ideal for astrology fans, romantics, kids who would appreciate a nightlight with a difference or anyone who wants to bring some starlight into their home. Decor your room, house.

Auto flashing star, multi-colors


Powered by 3 x AA batteries(not include)

Specifications: Item Dimension:10.9*10.9*11.6cm Netweight:200g

Material: ABS

Color: Random Color

Package Included: 1x LED Night Light Projector Lamp

Package Content:

1* Star Beauty light

Transform any room into a magical night sky with the LED Night Light Projector Lamp. This delightful projector lamp casts a mesmerizing display of colorful stars across your walls and ceiling, creating a serene and enchanting atmosphere. Ideal for children’s bedrooms, cozy nights in, or special occasions, this projector lamp brings a touch of wonder to your home.

### Key Features:

– **Colorful Star Projection**: The LED Night Light Projector Lamp creates a stunning display of colorful stars that dance across your room. The random color variation adds an element of surprise and delight, making each use a unique experience.

– **Calming Ambiance**: Perfect for creating a soothing environment, this projector lamp is ideal for children who need a night light or anyone looking to unwind and relax. The gentle starry light can help ease anxiety and promote restful sleep.

– **Versatile Use**: This lamp is not just for bedrooms. Use it during parties, gatherings, or as a decorative feature in any room. Its captivating light show enhances the ambiance of any space, making it a versatile addition to your home.

– **Easy to Use**: Simply plug in the lamp and watch your room transform into a starry wonderland. The straightforward operation makes it accessible for users of all ages, from young children to adults.

– **Portable Design**: The compact and lightweight design allows you to move the lamp from room to room effortlessly. Whether you’re setting it up in the nursery, living room, or even taking it on trips, this lamp provides consistent charm wherever it goes.

– **Energy-Efficient LEDs**: The lamp features energy-efficient LED bulbs that provide bright and vibrant colors while consuming minimal power. This eco-friendly feature ensures long-lasting use without significant energy costs.

– **Durable Construction**: Made from high-quality materials, the LED Night Light Projector Lamp is designed to last. Its sturdy build ensures that it can withstand regular use, providing endless nights of starry enchantment.

### Ideal for:

– **Children’s Bedrooms**: Helps kids feel safe and comforted as they drift off to sleep under a canopy of stars.
– **Relaxation Spaces**: Perfect for creating a peaceful and relaxing environment in any room of your home.
– **Special Occasions**: Adds a magical touch to parties, holidays, or romantic evenings.

Experience the magic of a starry night with the LED Night Light Projector Lamp. Its colorful projections, easy operation, and versatile use make it a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of enchantment to their home.


Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 123 cm


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