LED Light Bulb 15W RGB Smart Wireless Remote Dimmable Lamp Color Changing Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb Multi-Color For Alexa


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– Multicolor and Wide Application: RGB smart light bulbs provide 16 million colors, you can choose a color to suit your mood from them. In addition, there are 8 pre-programmed scenes to choose from, or you can DIY scene to match various occasions.

– Remote Control From Anywhere: Even you are not home, you also can control your smart bulb turn on/off via phone App directly, as long as your phone access a secure 2.4 GHz(only) Wi-Fi network and it’s available. You can create a group for all your smart bulbs and control them with a single button.

– Schedule and Dimmable Settings: You can schedule the smart bulbs automatically switch on/off via your phone APP. And you also can set a countdown timer. Our smarts bulbs provide standard soft warm color, you can according to your need to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere by setting bulbs to right brightness.

– Work With Google Assistant & Alexa: Control your smart bulbs with a Voice Command to turn on/off/dim or brighten them and to change their color to the one of your choice.

Features Of 15W(150W) RGB Bulb:

– Material: Aluminum

– Light Beads: 2835 Bead*8 (Clear White) / 5050 Bead* 3 (RGB Color)

– Power: 15W (Equivalent to 150W)

– Brightness: 1000lm

– Lamp Bease: E27/E26

– RGB: 12 kinds of lights

– Lighting Model: 8 types

– Luminance adjustment: 3 Gear

– Distance Of Remote Control: 10M / 32.8ft

– Multi-Color Light Bulb: RGB + Clear white. E26/27 RGBW LED light bulb has 16 colors to choose from, 2 dimmable and 8 color change modes. With a lot of color setting to decorate your party.

– Energy Saving: Under the same illumination brightness, this color changing led bulb saves 85% energy, over 25,000 hours service life, which is environmentally friendly and more durable.

– Easy to install and use: Standard A19 shape with E26/27 base, just screw it onto the lamp holder, then the lamp will work perfectly.It is suitable for many different situations like Porch, KTV, party, wedding banquet, living room, dining room, lounge, entrance and many other places.

Introducing our LED Light Bulb 15W RGB Smart Wireless Remote Dimmable Lamp, the perfect lighting solution for modern homes equipped with smart technology. This innovative LED bulb combines energy efficiency, versatility, and convenience with the latest smart features to create a customizable lighting experience tailored to your preferences.

### Key Features:

1. **Smart WiFi Connectivity**: Our LED light bulb seamlessly connects to your home WiFi network, allowing you to control it remotely from anywhere using your smartphone or smart home assistant devices such as Alexa or Google Assistant. Enjoy the convenience of adjusting your lighting settings without ever leaving your seat.

2. **RGB Color Changing**: With a full spectrum of colors to choose from, you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a party, relaxing at home, or setting the mood for movie night, our RGB smart bulb lets you customize the color of your lighting to match your mood and decor.

3. **Dimmable Functionality**: Adjust the brightness of your lighting to suit your needs with the dimmable feature. Whether you need bright, vibrant lighting for task-oriented activities or soft, ambient lighting for relaxation, our smart bulb allows you to fine-tune the brightness levels to create the perfect atmosphere.

4. **Wireless Remote Control**: The included wireless remote control provides convenient manual control over your lighting settings, allowing you to adjust colors, brightness, and modes with ease. Simply point the remote at the bulb and press the desired buttons to customize your lighting experience without the need for a smartphone or smart home assistant.

5. **Energy-efficient Design**: Our LED light bulb is not only smart but also energy-efficient, consuming significantly less energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Enjoy long-lasting illumination and reduced energy costs without sacrificing brightness or quality.

### Benefits:

– **Enhanced Convenience**: Control your lighting settings with the touch of a button from anywhere in your home, whether you’re lounging on the couch, cooking in the kitchen, or relaxing in bed. With remote access and voice control capabilities, managing your lighting has never been easier.

– **Customizable Ambiance**: Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with customizable color options and dimmable functionality. From vibrant party lights to soft mood lighting, our smart bulb allows you to tailor your lighting to suit your mood, activities, and preferences.

– **Smart Home Integration**: Seamlessly integrate our LED bulb into your existing smart home ecosystem, allowing for effortless automation and integration with other smart devices and systems. Create custom lighting schedules, scenes, and routines to enhance your daily life and streamline your home automation experience.

– **Energy Savings**: Enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient LED lighting technology, including lower electricity bills, reduced carbon footprint, and longer bulb lifespan. Our smart LED bulb consumes less energy than traditional bulbs, helping you save money while reducing environmental impact.

### Conclusion:

Upgrade your home lighting experience with our LED Light Bulb 15W RGB Smart Wireless Remote Dimmable Lamp. With its smart WiFi connectivity, RGB color-changing capabilities, dimmable functionality, and energy-efficient design, it offers unparalleled convenience, versatility, and customization options for modern homeowners. Elevate your living space with customizable lighting that enhances your mood, complements your decor, and adds a touch of sophistication to any room.

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