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Color: small, large

material: metal

Style: modern and simple

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Decoration x1

Revitalize your living room with creative study decorations that merge style with functionality. Multifunctional furniture like sleek desks with built-in storage or convertible coffee tables maximize space efficiency. Comfortable seating, ergonomic chairs, and cozy armchairs enhance long study sessions. Surround yourself with motivational wall art and task lighting for productivity. Organizational solutions like floating shelves and decorative baskets keep clutter at bay, promoting mental clarity.

Introduce houseplants for a calming ambiance and improved air quality. Display personal touches such as favorite books and travel souvenirs to personalize the space. Embrace technology with smart home devices and flexible workstations. Choose calming colors and soundproofing solutions for a focused environment. Incorporate natural elements like wood and stone for warmth. DIY decor projects add personality while digital detox zones promote unplugging. With these ideas, your living room can transform into an inspiring study haven that balances work and relaxation seamlessly.

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Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 160 × 110 × 100 cm

Large, Small

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