Crystal Table Lamp Rechargeable Diamond Night Light With Teardrop Shape Bedside LED Lights Lamp 3 And 16Color Touch Lamp For Home Bedroom Decor


  • RGB16 Color Remote Touch
  • Touch Style In 3 Colors
  • USB 3 Colors Touch
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[Droplet Shadow Effect] When the beautiful crystal bedside lamp is turned on, the light presents the effect of water droplets and shadows, creating a modern romantic, and warm feeling for your room.

[Plug-in Version] This bedside lamp is a plug-in version, equipped with a USB port, which can start to work after plugging in the USB cable. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

[Widely Uses] The ambient light is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, study rooms, craft rooms, corridors, wardrobes, hotels, offices, and other places.

[Touch or Remote Control] When you want to turn the light on or off, just put your hand on the sensor on top of the light and touch it.

[Acrylic Material] This atmosphere lamp shade is made of acrylic material, which is beautiful in appearance. It is light, elegant, and drop-proof, which is the best gift for friends and family.


Product information:

Processing Method: LOGO labeling

Size: water drop ambiance light three-color touch model-rechargeable, water drop ambiance light RGB16 color remote control touchable model-rechargeable, water drop ambiance light USB plug-in three-color touch-no battery

Voltage: ≤ 36V

Style: Nordic

Packing list:

Water drop atmosphere lamp * 1


Introducing the Crystal Table Lamp, a rechargeable diamond night light that combines elegance and functionality. With its teardrop shape and stunning diamond-cut design, this bedside LED lamp is a perfect addition to your home bedroom decor.

### Key Features:

– **Elegant Teardrop Design**: The lamp’s unique teardrop shape and diamond-cut pattern create a beautiful light refraction effect, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to any room.

– **Rechargeable Battery**: Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, this lamp offers the convenience of cordless use. Simply recharge it using the included USB cable for hours of uninterrupted illumination.

– **Multi-Color Touch Control**: Easily switch between 3 and 16 color modes with a gentle touch. Customize your lighting to match your mood or decor, whether you prefer a warm white light for reading or a vibrant color for a dynamic atmosphere.

– **Adjustable Brightness**: The lamp features adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to create the perfect lighting for any situation. Whether you need a soft glow for relaxation or a brighter light for activities, this lamp has you covered.

– **Portable and Versatile**: Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to move the lamp from room to room. Use it as a bedside lamp, a decorative piece in your living room, or even take it with you on trips to maintain a stylish environment wherever you go.

– **Durable and Safe**: Made from high-quality materials, this lamp is both durable and safe for use around children and pets. The LED light is energy-efficient and stays cool to the touch, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly lighting solution.

Elevate your home decor with the Crystal Table Lamp. Its elegant design and versatile features make it an ideal choice for enhancing the ambiance of any room. Illuminate your space with style and sophistication with this exquisite crystal table lamp.







Additional information

Weight 0.47 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 100 cm

RGB16 Color Remote Touch, Touch Style In 3 Colors, USB 3 Colors Touch

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