+ 1 MusicToy


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Material: fine cloth

Size: the length is about 60cm

The colorful insects are very colorful and cute. The body of the caterpillar is made up of many different colored blocks. It is very soft and allows the baby to feel different sensations and colors. The body is added to the different feeling fabrics, let the baby touch more different fabrics feel, can promote the touch development; These functions can fully attract the attention of the baby, enhance the activity of the baby’s hand and wrist, promote the development of hand muscles and stimulate the vision and sound development of the baby. What’s special: the caterpillar’s head will have a soft music, and the worm’s body will be fun! There are bell/ring/BB

Caterpillar’s belly with the scale, can be a scale of 1 to 60 cm tall feet, (height feet is made of cloth because it is over, there will be error, play is only for reference), you can always amount under the baby’s daily changes of the body

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