Skeleton living room bedroom tapestry


  • 130X150CM
  • 150X200CM
  • 73X95CM
  • Green
  • Brushed
  • Velvet
SKU: CJJJJFCL00629 Category: Home Decoration

Product name: Digital printed peach skin velvet brushed fabric/super soft imitation super plus velvet tapestry, hanging fabric

Material: Brushed single-sided brushed plain peach skin fleece (single-sided brushed treatment, similar to the surface of the bed linen at home)

Short plush type imitation super soft short plush fabric (the surface has a short layer of fluff)

Size: 95cm*73cm, 130cm*150cm, 150cm*200cm, 180-230


Introducing our striking Skeleton Living Room Bedroom Tapestry, a bold and unconventional addition to elevate the ambiance of your space with macabre elegance. Crafted with intricate detail and artistic flair, this tapestry showcases a captivating skeleton motif that adds a touch of Gothic allure to any room.

Perfect for both living rooms and bedrooms, our tapestry serves as a unique statement piece that sparks conversation and ignites the imagination. Whether you’re drawn to its dark and mysterious aesthetic or appreciate its artistic craftsmanship, this tapestry is sure to make a bold impression in your home.

Made from high-quality materials, our Skeleton Living Room Bedroom Tapestry is lightweight, durable, and easy to hang, making it a versatile decor choice for any wall. Whether displayed as a centerpiece above your sofa or as a dramatic backdrop behind your bed, it creates a captivating focal point that enhances the atmosphere of your space.

Transform your living room or bedroom into a haven of Gothic-inspired style with our Skeleton Living Room Bedroom Tapestry, where artistry meets intrigue for a truly unforgettable decor statement.

Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 380 × 480 × 40 cm

130X150CM, 150X200CM, 73X95CM




Brushed, Velvet

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