Simple Living Room Sofa Pillow


  • 30X50cm
  • 45X45cm
  • 50X50cm
  • Blue
SKU: CJJT1686659 Category: Household items

Product Details:

Category: throw pillowcase

Material: Polyester

Size: 45*45cm

Color classification: blue

Specifications: 30*50cm without core, 45*45cm without core, 50*50cm without core

Package Contents:

Pillowcase X1

Introducing our Simple Living Room Sofa Pillow, a versatile and stylish addition to enhance the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your sofa. Crafted with simplicity and elegance in mind, this pillow effortlessly complements any living room decor.

Featuring a clean and minimalist design, our Simple Living Room Sofa Pillow adds a touch of sophistication to your seating arrangement without overwhelming the space. Its understated charm allows it to seamlessly blend with a variety of decor styles, from modern to traditional.

Made from high-quality materials, our sofa pillow is both soft and durable, providing comfortable support for lounging or sitting. Its versatile square shape makes it perfect for layering with other pillows or using as a standalone accent piece.

Available in a range of colors to suit your preferences, our Simple Living Room Sofa Pillow allows you to effortlessly update your decor and add personality to your living space. Elevate the comfort and style of your sofa with this timeless accessory.

Additional information

Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 50 cm

30X50cm, 45X45cm, 50X50cm



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