Round Ceiling Lamp


  • 40cm
  • 50cm
  • 60cm
  • Copper
  • Iron
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Elevate your living space with a round ceiling lamp that combines modern elegance with practical illumination. Choose a sleek design with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic for a contemporary look, or opt for a fixture adorned with intricate details and embellishments to add a touch of sophistication and charm.

Consider the size of your room and the height of your ceiling when selecting a round ceiling lamp to ensure it complements the space without overwhelming it. A larger fixture can make a bold statement in a spacious living room, while a smaller lamp can add subtle elegance to a cozy nook or intimate seating area.

Install your round ceiling lamp in the center of the room to create a focal point and distribute light evenly throughout the space. Alternatively, use multiple lamps strategically placed around the room to illuminate specific areas or highlight architectural features.

Choose a lamp with adjustable brightness settings or compatibility with smart lighting technology for added versatility and convenience. Whether you prefer soft, diffused light for relaxation or bright, focused illumination for tasks and activities, a round ceiling lamp can enhance the ambiance of your living room while adding a touch of modern flair.

Product information:

Whether the lamp has a light source: Yes

Voltage: 111V~240V (included)

Main material of lamp body: copper

Main material of lamp shade: PVC

Light source type: led lamp

Number of light sources: 1

Process: Electroplating

Exposure area: 15 ㎡ – 30 ㎡

Lamp shade shape: circular

Lamp shade auxiliary material: PVC

Lamp body auxiliary material: iron

Packing list:

Ceiling lamp * 1



Additional information

Weight 3.80 kg
Dimensions 450 × 450 × 180 cm

40cm, 50cm, 60cm


Copper, Iron

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