Quicksand Painting Decoration


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  • Black7inches
  • Blue
  • Blue Purple12inches
  • Blue Purple7inches
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The quicksand painting is composed of a mirror frame, a transparent glass cavity, a background picture, and a back plate. In the sealed glass cavity, there are alumina, frosted sand, colorless mixed liquid and a suitable amount of air bubbles.

Quicksand painting is of great benefit to developing intelligence and cultivating sentiment. In addition, it has a certain effect of relieving stress and releasing eye fatigue. It is especially suitable for office workers, students, and people who work at the computer for a long time.

The pictures are varied and rich in content, and each flip can produce a dynamic picture that is completely non-repetitive. It is a treasure to cultivate the temperament that the viewers will never tire of and can’t bear to let it go.


Production process: blowing

Category: Quicksand Painting

Surface technology: polishing

Hanging form: ornaments

Style: modern and simple

Shape: round

Packaging: “Carton packaging

12 inch specifications: 26*27*4.5CM

7 inch specifications: 18*19*4CM

Package Content:

1*Quicksand Painting


Additional information

Weight 1.04 kg
Dimensions 360 × 310 × 50 cm

Black12inches, Black7inches, Blue, Blue Purple12inches, Blue Purple7inches, Blue12inches, Green12inches, Green7inches, Pink12inches, Pink7inches, Purple, Red12inches, Red7inches, Yellow, Yellow12inches

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