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Customizing your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 with stickers and skins can add a personalized touch to your gaming setup. With a variety of designs and themes available, you can transform your console and controllers to match your style and preferences.

PS4 and PS5 stickers and skins are typically made from high-quality vinyl material that is easy to apply and remove without leaving residue. They provide protection against scratches and wear while adding a unique aesthetic to your gaming gear.

When selecting stickers and skins for your PS4 and PS5, consider themes that resonate with your interests, such as favorite games, characters, or artwork. Popular choices include designs inspired by iconic franchises like “Spider-Man,” “God of War,” “The Last of Us,” and “Uncharted.”

Additionally, you can find skins and stickers specifically designed for PS4 controllers and PS5 DualSense controllers, allowing you to customize every aspect of your gaming experience. From sleek and minimalist designs to bold and colorful patterns, there’s a sticker or skin to suit every taste.

Whether you’re looking to protect your console and controllers or add a personal touch to your gaming setup, PS4 and PS5 stickers and skins offer endless possibilities for customization and creativity.



Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Item Type: Microphone Amplifier

Origin: Mainland China

Private Mold: NO

Brand Name: Daqin

Compatible Platform: Any models

Model Number: DQCE-7000

Place of Origin: Beijing, China

Type: Stickers & Skins

Function: make sticker for ps4 controller

Equipment: Software+Printer+Cutter+Laminater

Material: TPU/Vinyl/Hydrogel

Software: Update very month

Language: Chinese ,english

Keywords: Customized phhoto and skin film

Warranty: 1 Year

Apply to: Playstation / PS / Any other video games

Feature: SKin sticker cutter machine

Certification: ce

My friend, welcome to our store, if you need other models of this product, please contact me WhatsApp +8615111224853, I will send the product link for you to buy

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Product Description

Machine System Custom Skin Sticker For Video Games / Playstation / PS Controller
DAQIN helped customer creating successful custom phone skin business .

The system includes the kit of:
software+printer+laminator+cutter+materials. The software is a stand-alone version, easily run no matter if connect Internet ,requires only 1 person for the whole producing process.Market Value of self-service photo machine for making customized mobile skin.
There are more than 5000 templates for
Ipad / Cell Phone / Mobile Case / Tablet / Laptop / Playstation /Headphone,Chargers and so on
We have a professional team to add newest models into software every month ,then send to you update flie to you every month so that you can get the templates for the newest models in market .
All product list for cell phone and laptop/pad software making skins sticker cutter :


Daqin mobile beauty master Ver.3D

Software key

Gallery books(2 sets/4 books)

Videos of training

Add newest models into software every month

(free update forever )

More than 5000 Cutting Templates of mobile phone, 3000+ designs for choice

Daqin laptop beauty master

Software key

Gallery books(2 sets/4 books)

Videos of training

Add newest models into software every month

(free update forever )

Templates of Laptop ,Tablets,pad,PS4 ,and so on


Cameo 4
For A4 size
Graphtec cutting machine ( Made in Japan )

Can work with our software

Faster and more precise

Model : CE7000 – 40

375 mm × 50 mm

6 Colors Printer ( CommonDye inkjet printer )

Can print photo quality

For A4 size

with Continuous ink-supply system(no ink water)

A3 size set
Tools of Sticking
Sticking Knife

board of sticking 2pcs/set

Vinyl/TPU/Hydrogel Film/Texture Skin
Mobile case with Groove
Materials Catalogue
Detailed Images

The system includes the kit of: software+printer+laminator+cutter+materials. The software is a stand-alone version, easily run no matter if connect Internet ,requires only 1 person for the whole producing process.

Market Value of self-service photo machine for making customized mobile skin

1.Big market

Everyone have 1 set of cellphone. Some even have 2 or more sets of cellphones.
Large consumer group,especial young people and who like unique,fashonable and personalized their lovely handphone.

2.Huge profit

Cost:Each cellphone skin produced by our mobile skin system is ranging from 0.2 to 0.7 USD.
Profit:while the sales price could be as higher as 5 to 20 US dollars or more in different market.

3. Suitable for all wholesale cell phone accessories

Professional desinger team work for all brands and models of cellphones in the world.
Software contains 4500+ cellphone cutting templates.
Updated monthly to add the latest models as the mobile industry.

4.Small investment FOR different business types

Mobile phone accessories distributor , Mobile phone shop , Gift store , Online shopping site , Media industry for advertising , Personal DIY small business

5.Easy operation

Offer free trainning video and online technical support
Every one can be a mater of fashionable mobile sticker maker in 3~5days.

Our company
Packing & Delivery

1.Machine of cell phone skin all the goods in stock.
2.Usually we can delivery in 2 days.
3.Receipt of the goods in 4 to 5 days via Express.Door to Door Service.
4.All the packing is the safe.


1.What is included for all package ?

Software + machine (cutter + printer +laminator)+ materials

Sticker design software ,sticker cutter , inkjet printer , laminating machine and various material . machines controlled by software .

2.What is the guarantee ?

Software is free to update forever ,and also will add newest models into software every month ,all free for you forever .
Machine is one year ,but our machine all professional ,will not broken easy ,such as cutter ,only need change knife head ,Price for knife head is USD 3.9 ,One knife head can use about 2-6 months .

3.How about printer ,can I buy from our country ?

Yes ,you can buy printer at your country ,can save shipping fee for you
As for printer ,any 6 colors common dye inkjet printer is ok ,such as Epson R330,L800 ,R270 (A4 size ),Epson 1390,1430 ,L1800 ( A3 size )

4.How to use this machine and software ? How can I get newest models ?

We have detailed teaching video in CD ,will ship to you with goods ,and also have
professional support of aftersales ,will help you when you have questions after get goods .
As for newest models ,will be sent to you by update file later .

5.There are so many materials ,how to use and what is the cost ?

If you make skins by customized photo ,need use printing film and lamination film ,because printer is inkjet printer ,so need laminate by lamination film so that the skins can waterproof and fade-proof, one piece printing film work with one piece lamination film ,so cost of one sticker is from USD 0.2 to 1.5 .
And we supply many materials no need print,just need cut by our software and machine ,such as shinning ,wood ,carbon fiber ,snake leather and so on .

6.What is the payment way ?

Bank transfer or western union or MoneyGram ,suggest bank transfer (company account )

7.How long can I get goods ?

All goods are in stock ,can ship to you within 2 days once get payment ,so you can send bank slip to us once you make payment ,we will start to prepare goods for you once get bank slip ,then can ship to you once get payment by DHL or Fedex ,fast very much ,only need about 3 days from us to you .
Tracking number will given to you once shipped .

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