Mobile game chicken set four in one to eat chicken artifact to stimulate the battlefield king handle D9 firearms aid


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mobile game Pubg controller gamepad for phone with joystick / fire buttons for 5.0 ~ 6.0 inch phone android iOS

Main characteristics:

• This pen is not equipped with Bluetooth

• For Android / iOS

• Supports 5-6-inch screen of mobile phones

• Can be used while charging, very good gaming experience

• Equipped with a direct mobile phone function

• Can also be used as a telephone bracket when not playing a game

• Equipped anti-slip Corrugated button, 360 ° Flexible and removable

• Suitable for various pop-phone games (such as the King of Glory)

Introducing the Mobile Game Chicken Set – a comprehensive four-in-one kit designed to elevate your gaming experience to new heights in the fast-paced world of battle royale games. Specifically tailored for enthusiasts of games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Mobile, this kit includes the indispensable D9 Firearms Aid handle, ensuring you’re always at the top of your game.

### Key Features:

– **Four-in-One Set**: This kit includes everything you need for the ultimate mobile gaming experience. Alongside the D9 Firearms Aid handle, you’ll find additional accessories such as a trigger button, a joystick, and a cooling fan, providing comprehensive support for your gaming needs.

– **Enhanced Precision**: The D9 Firearms Aid handle offers improved control and accuracy, allowing you to aim, shoot, and navigate with ease. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort during extended gaming sessions, while its responsive buttons provide a competitive edge.

– **Cooling Fan**: The included cooling fan helps dissipate heat from your device, preventing overheating and ensuring smooth gameplay even during intense battles.

– **Easy Setup**: Simply attach the accessories to your mobile device, connect the D9 handle via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to dominate the battlefield.

### Benefits:

– **Competitive Advantage**: With enhanced precision and comfort, the Mobile Game Chicken Set gives you the competitive edge you need to outperform your opponents and secure victory.

– **Comfortable Gaming**: Say goodbye to hand fatigue and discomfort with the ergonomic design of the D9 handle. Its comfortable grip allows for hours of uninterrupted gameplay.

– **Versatile Compatibility**: Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, the Mobile Game Chicken Set ensures compatibility with your preferred gaming platform.

Gear up for victory with the Mobile Game Chicken Set – your ultimate companion for dominating the battlefield and emerging as the last player standing. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of mobile gaming, this comprehensive kit is your key to success.

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