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Material: ABS

This product is a new wireless Bluetooth controller that supports different platform games such as Android/ios/PC.

1. No need to load any driver, it can be used after pairing with mobile phone Bluetooth;

2. The exclusive game application platform, the classic mobile game is under control (the ipega game lobby is only applicable to the Android system platform);

3. Built-in lithium battery (380mAh), 20H can be used after charging, safe and stable;

4. With telescopic stand, you can put your phone or tablet on the stand (support 5-10 inch device), which is convenient for game use;

5. There are 5 multimedia function keys of “Volume+,-”, “Previous song, Next song” and “Play/Pause” (this function is not compatible with Y button mode);

6. Bluetooth 3.0 wireless transmission function, can operate in the range of 6-8 meters wide control distance;

7. User-friendly software design, can enter the power-saving mode in the connectionless state;

8. Support android 3.2, ios 4.3 or above system;

9. Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad and most Android tablet

Introducing the Mobile and Tablet Adjustable Controller, the ultimate accessory for gamers who seek precision, comfort, and versatility in their mobile gaming experience. Designed to accommodate a wide range of devices, this adjustable controller ensures seamless compatibility and optimal control for both smartphones and tablets.

### Key Features:

– **Adjustable Design**: The controller features an adjustable clamp that securely holds devices of various sizes, from compact smartphones to larger tablets. This ensures a snug fit and stability during intense gaming sessions.

– **Ergonomic Grip**: Designed with ergonomics in mind, the controller offers a comfortable and secure grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended gameplay. The textured surface enhances grip, allowing for precise control and responsiveness.

– **Universal Compatibility**: Compatible with most iOS and Android devices, this controller works seamlessly with a wide range of mobile games. Whether you’re using an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or a tablet, you can enjoy a consistent gaming experience.

– **High-Precision Controls**: Equipped with responsive buttons, triggers, and joysticks, the controller provides precise input and smooth gameplay. The tactile feedback ensures accurate control for shooting, racing, and other action-packed games.

### Benefits:

– **Enhanced Gaming Experience**: Transform your mobile device into a handheld gaming console with the adjustable controller. Enjoy console-like precision and responsiveness, making it easier to dominate in competitive games or enjoy immersive single-player adventures.

– **Versatile Usage**: The adjustable clamp makes this controller versatile for use with both smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re gaming on a compact phone or a large tablet, this controller adapts to your needs.

– **Portable and Lightweight**: Take your gaming on the go with this compact and lightweight controller. It’s easy to carry in your bag or pocket, so you can enjoy high-quality gaming wherever you are.

– **Easy Setup**: The adjustable controller is easy to set up and use. Simply expand the clamp to fit your device, connect via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to play. No complicated configurations or software installations are required.

Elevate your mobile gaming to new heights with the Mobile and Tablet Adjustable Controller. Offering precision, comfort, and versatility, this controller is the perfect companion for gamers who demand the best from their mobile gaming experience. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated gamer, this controller provides the tools you need to succeed.

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Black, Deep Red, Red

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