KINHANK Retro Video Game Console Super Console X2 Pro with 90000 Video Games for PS1/DC/MAME/SS with Gamepad Kid Gift Game Box


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The KINHANK Retro Video Game Console Super Console X2 Pro is a gaming powerhouse that offers an extensive library of 90,000 video games, spanning multiple platforms including PS1, DC (Dreamcast), MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator), and SS (Sega Saturn). This comprehensive collection ensures that players have access to a wide variety of classic and nostalgic titles from various gaming eras.

With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, the Super Console X2 Pro is easy to set up and navigate, making it suitable for gamers of all ages. The console comes with a gamepad for comfortable and intuitive gameplay, allowing players to dive into their favorite games with ease.

Whether you’re a fan of classic arcade games, retro console titles, or iconic classics from the PlayStation and Sega Saturn era, the Super Console X2 Pro has something for everyone. From timeless classics like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog to cult favorites and hidden gems, the extensive game library offers endless hours of entertainment.

Perfect as a gift for gaming enthusiasts or as a nostalgic treat for yourself, the KINHANK Retro Video Game Console Super Console X2 Pro provides a convenient and immersive gaming experience that celebrates the rich history of video games.



Games included: 70000/90000

Brand Name: KINHANK

Supporting Language: Japanese

Supporting Language: French

Supporting Language: German

Supporting Language: ITALIAN

Supporting Language: Spanish

Supporting Language: Portuguese

Supporting Language: Russian

Supporting Language: English

Supporting Language: Swedish

Supporting Language: Polish

Supporting Language: Greek

Supporting Language: Turkish

Supporting Language: Korean

Supporting Language: Dutch

Supporting Language: Latin American Spanish

Supporting Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Supporting Language: Simplified Chinese

Supporting Language: Traditional Chinese Style

Supporting Language: Ukrainiaan

Package: Yes

Type of devices: Other

Bluetooth-compatible: YES

Weight: 200g

Wi-fi: YES

Video Game Controller included: YES

Operating System: Android 9.0

Operating System: EmuELEC

Category: Video Game Console

KINHANK Model: X2 Pro

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Choice: yes


• 90000 Video Games :Enjoy a vast library of games with 90000 video games included.


• Gamepad Included :Play comfortably with the included gamepad.


• Bluetooth Compatible :Connect to your device wirelessly with Bluetooth compatibility.


• CE Certification :Rest assured with the console’s CE certification.


Highlights of the X2 pro:

• EmuELEC4.6+ Android TV 9.0 +CoreELEC System in One

• Up to 90000+ Games-Plug and Play

• Compatible with PS1/PSP/SS/DC/MAME/Arcade etc.

• 4K@60Hz UHD Output

• 2.4g + 5G WiFi & BT 4.5

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Three Sytem in One Retro Console

Super Console X2 Pro is equipped with latest EmuELEC4.6 game system + Android TV system + CoreELEC multimedia audio&video system, small but powerful,easy to switch among watching TV,playing games and surfing internet.

Support Up to 90000+ Classic Games 60+ Emulators

PLUG & PLAY!Pre-installed with the latest EmuELEC 4.6 gaming system with 90000+ games and 60+ game emulators, run smoothly on MAME/SS/DC/PS1/PSP/Arcade etc.


Note: If you encounter problems such as inability to enter the game, freezing, garbled characters, etc., it is caused by the system not being adapted to a suitable emulator core.

The solution is as follows:



Select the game → long press the A button → select advanced game settings → select emulator → try other emulator cores

Support wired and wireless connection

Support 2.4G/5G WiFi+100M Ethernet. Stable, Fast, and High-Quality WIFI signal, make sure to enjoy a higher quality to browse websites, play games, run programs, and watch movies.

4K HD Display

Super console x2 Pro game console can be connected to TVs, monitors, projectors, etc., the screen will become larger in seconds, enjoy high-definition picture quality, and bring you a different visual experience.

CoreELEC Video System

The CoreELEC audio and video system can play videos smoothly, and 4K 60fps 10bit high-bit rate videos can also play smoothly.

Customized S905X2 chip

In order to improve the graphics processing capability of the super console x2 pro, we individually customized the S905X2 chip(S905L3A). It has the same graphics processing power as the S905X3 and S905X4, and the game performance is better, but it can better control the heat and make the game smooth for a long time.
Oversized heat sink design

We specially designed an oversized heat sink for the Super console x2 pro, which improves the heat dissipation efficiency by 30% and avoids the game lag caused by the overheating of the chip.Compatible with multiple devices

You can connect the super console x pro to a TV, projector, computer, laptop or other devices through the HD-MI interface to meet your gaming needs in different scenarios.

Support multi-player

Support 1-4players, you can enjoy the retro game console with your family and friends.
Interface displayWhat’s in the package?

Super Console X2 Pro*1
Wireless Controllers*2
Game Card*1
4G Card*1
TV Remote *1
HD-MI Cable*1
Power Supply*1
User Manual*1




1.How does the device work?

You only need to connect the device’s power supply and connect it to the display device through an HDMI cable, plug it into the controller’s 2.4G receiver, and you can use the device, plug and play.


2.How to return to the menu after entering the game

Press the “start” and “select” keys twice to exit the game and return to the game menu.


3.What emulator games can I play with this device?

This device is compatible with classic emulators such as PSP/PS1/DC/SS/MAME/Arcade/NES, and tens of thousands of games await your exploration.


4.Can I only choose EU or US plugs?

Yes, if you need other power specifications, you can purchase a conversion plug locally.


5.Why does the blue or red screen appear when I open the game or cannot enter the game?

The occurrence of red screen, blue screen, or poor game performance is due to the system not matching a suitable emulator core. You can switch the emulator core in the “Advanced Game Options” game menu, try one by one, and then reopen the game.


6.What kind of controller is it

We are equipped with two 2.4G wireless controllers that require two 3A batteries, and each controller is equipped with a receiver with a connection range of 10 meters.


7.How to obtain the game list for this device?



Note:The game list may differ slightly from the actual situation, please refer to the actual situation.


8.How to switch between TV and gaming systems?

Game system to TV:Press the”Start” button → “Quit” → Reboot from nand → YES

TV to Game System: My APPS.

Additional information

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256G, 64G

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