Home Bedroom Model Room Lamp Nordic Star Dining Room Chandelier


  • Black
  • White
  • Tricolor light
  • White light
  • warm light
  • 5heads
  • 7heads
SKU: CJTH1722750 Category: LED Light

Product information:

Style: Modern and simple

Pendant lamp type: iron pendant lamp

Type of light source: led lamp

Lamp body quality: iron

Voltage: 220V

Applicable places: living room, bedroom, study room, hotel room, exhibition hall

Irradiation area: 15㎡ -30㎡

Number of light sources: 1

Lamp shape: fish chandelier

Color: Black, white

Specifications: 5 head White light,5 head warm light,5 head three color light,7 head white light,7 head warm light,7 head three color light,5 head white light,5 head warm light,7 head white light,7 head warm light,7 head three color light

Packing list:

1* chandelier


Product Image:

Introducing the Nordic Star Dining Room Chandelier, a radiant addition to your home’s lighting ensemble that emanates the essence of celestial elegance. This exquisite chandelier isn’t just a source of illumination; it’s a statement piece designed to elevate your dining room with a touch of Nordic charm.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the chandelier features a striking star-shaped design that captivates the eye and sparks conversation. Its sleek lines and understated sophistication make it a perfect fit for various interior styles, from modern to Scandinavian-inspired bedroom models.

Illuminate your dining experiences with the warm, inviting glow emitted by the Nordic Star Dining Room Chandelier. Its soft yet radiant light creates an ambiance of coziness and comfort, enhancing the intimate atmosphere of your dining area.

Transform your home into a sanctuary of style and sophistication with the Nordic Star Dining Room Chandelier. Let its celestial allure cast a radiant glow over your space, elevating every moment to starlit elegance.


Additional information

Weight 6.00 kg
Dimensions 600 × 400 × 260 cm

Black, White

Electrical outlet

Tricolor light, White light, warm light


5heads, 7heads

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