3D Printing Moon Light Galaxy Light


  • USB
  • 10cm 16colors
  • 12cm touch 16colors
  • 15cm touch 16colors
  • 18cm touch 16colors
  • 20cm touch 16colors
  • 8cm touch 16colors
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Product Information:

Product material: PVC+ABS+wood bracket

Color: color

Light source type: LED light

Voltage: 3.7V

Power: 1W

Battery capacity: 240MAh

Charging time: 3 hours, working time: 3-6 hours

Product Features:

Touch/vibration three-color models: yellow light, white light, warm yellow, three-color touch/vibration switch;

Touch/vibrate colorful models: red light, green light, blue light, yellow light, purple light, light blue, white light, seven-color touch/vibration switch, can fix a color, can also be colorful automatically change;

Touch remote control type: touch to switch seven colors, remote control to switch 16 colors, remote control dimming, can fix a color, and can also automatically change seven colors.

Packing List:

Light+data cable+remote control*1


Step into the cosmos and bask in the celestial beauty of our 3D Printing Moon Light Galaxy Light. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail using advanced 3D printing technology, this stunning lamp captures the mystique of the moon and the allure of the galaxy, casting a mesmerizing glow that illuminates any space with celestial elegance.

### Key Features:

– **3D Printing Technology**: Each lamp is meticulously crafted using cutting-edge 3D printing technology to replicate the intricate details of the moon’s surface, creating a remarkably realistic and immersive experience.

– **Galaxy Projection**: Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of the cosmos with the built-in galaxy projection feature. Watch as a mesmerizing array of stars, nebulae, and galaxies are cast onto your walls, transforming any room into a celestial wonderland.

– **Adjustable Brightness**: Customize the ambiance to suit your mood with adjustable brightness settings. Whether you prefer a soft, ambient glow for relaxation or a brighter illumination for reading or working, you can easily adjust the brightness to create the perfect atmosphere.

– **Remote Control**: Conveniently control the lamp from anywhere in the room with the included remote control. Easily adjust the brightness, choose from multiple lighting modes, and activate the galaxy projection feature with the touch of a button.

– **Rechargeable Battery**: Enjoy cordless convenience with the built-in rechargeable battery. Simply charge the lamp using the included USB cable, and enjoy hours of uninterrupted illumination anywhere in your home.

– **Stylish Design**: With its sleek and modern design, this lamp makes a striking addition to any space. Whether displayed on a bedside table, shelf, or desk, it adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your decor.

### Why Choose Our 3D Printing Moon Light Galaxy Light?

Our 3D Printing Moon Light Galaxy Light offers a unique blend of artistry, technology, and functionality, allowing you to bring the beauty of the cosmos into your home. Whether used as a night light, mood lamp, or decorative accent, it adds a touch of magic and wonder to any room. With its realistic moon surface, captivating galaxy projection, and customizable lighting options, it’s sure to delight stargazers, dreamers, and lovers of all things celestial.

Illuminate your space with the enchanting beauty of the cosmos with our 3D Printing Moon Light Galaxy Light and embark on a journey to the stars without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Experience the awe-inspiring wonder of the universe in all its glory, right at your fingertips.


Additional information

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 105 × 105 × 130 cm
Electrical outlet



10cm 16colors, 12cm touch 16colors, 15cm touch 16colors, 18cm touch 16colors, 20cm touch 16colors, 8cm touch 16colors

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